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Crystal tumblestones on a disc of wood

Yesterday my boss asked me if I wanted to be the only unicorn in the office.

Heck no!

I want to spread the sparkle – starting with crystals.

I sometimes use crystals if I’m having problems at work (or other areas of my life) such as a lack of confidence or feelings of exhaustion. I decided to write this post listing five of my favourites, and their properties.

And, while crystal shopping is the best kind of shopping, sometimes buying a heap of new gemstones can seem like an unnecessary luxury. So I have deliberately chosen five crystals that are not only beautiful, but cheap, too.

Read to the end for a bonus 6th crystal, recommended by my friend (and crystal Guru) Gwyneth Robbins-Cox.

Black tourmaline crystal on wood background1. Protect yourself with Black Tourmaline

When I started my new job, my colleague took me on a little tour of the different departments. In one of the offices, a woman told us she was leaving soon and congratulated me on wearing a black tourmaline necklace to “Suck up all the negative energy in this place.” In truth, I was wearing it to help me stay positive and grounded in my first week. I guessed I’d be meeting a parade of new people (with their own emotional and psychic stuff going on) and that I might feel overwhelmed. Now that I’ve been there a while, I can report that the negative energy she was feeling was pretty localised! Still, black tourmaline is one of the best stones you can use for protection. Use it to turn negative energy – especially when it’s coming from others – into positive energy at work.

Update 18/11/2017: Gwyneth from mycrystalguru.com put me straight on Black Tourmaline with her crystal know-how: “To me, black tourmaline does not transmute negative energy – it merely helps the wearer to promote their own positive energy and project that out into the room. When we promote ourselves as being safe in our body, confident and positive, we receive such back!” Cheers, Gwyneth!

Bloodstone crystal on wood background

2. Increase your energy with Bloodstone

Bloodstone (aka Heliotrope) is a brilliant stone for energy. As this Mind Body Green post points out, “When our blood and energy is flowing smoothly, our life force remains strong and healthy.” A lack of energy can affect your confidence at work while leaving you too tired to deal with your home life. And, whether you’re sat at your desk or on your feet all day, work can have implications for your circulation, which is why I think Bloodstone is the perfect choice for increasing energy. While there are many things you can do – such as getting a breath of fresh air on your breaks, exercising and reducing your caffeine intake – carrying this colourful mineral can’t hurt your energy levels.

Yellow topaz crystal on wood background3. Boost your confidence with Yellow Topaz

Confidence is something I struggle with at times.  The chakra associated with confidence is the solar plexus, and the colour you’re looking for in crystals for confidence is sunny yellow. According to The Essential Crystal Handbook, Topaz ‘fosters self-assurance’, ‘helps to stabilise emotions’ and ‘increases motivation and confidence’. This is a great stone for supercharging your self-belief, manifesting your goals and knowing your worth. As well as boosting your confidence, it can help you appreciate your abilities. Topaz is especially great for the workplace because it is said to aid concentration and motivation, as well as promoting abundance.

Ulexite crystal on wood background4. Amplify your brainpower with Ulexite (TV Stone)

This attractive, cloudy, silvery mineral is known as TV Stone because of its intriguing properties. If you place it over images or text, whatever’s underneath will be transferred to the face of the stone as if it were a screen. How cool? So, you can wow your colleagues with Ulexite, while also benefiting from its effects on your clarity and focus. Ulexite is best cleansed with smoke (smudged), as it can dissolve in water.

Fluorite crystal on wood background5. Promote harmony with Fluorite

A harmonious workplace is essential for well-being. But sometimes, colleagues clash. When I found myself dealing with tension at my old job, I’d visualise the office filled with rainbows – a trick I picked up from one of my favourite books: Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King (I absolutely loved reading about Hawaiian shamanism). Fluorite reminds me of the rainbow, with its beautiful strata of purples and greens. Like Tourmaline, it transforms negative energy into positive, but it has more of an absorbing quality, so it’s important to cleanse it regularly. It also promotes orderliness, understanding and planning, making it a great crystal to take with you to work.

Update 18/11/2017: Gwyneth also added: “Having a piece of rose quartz on your desk promotes love, and you will find that people interact with you in a more loving way and that it eases any tension and emotional problems. In effect you are radiating love from your desk outwards!”

I ❤ the sound of that. 

What’s your favourite crystal for work? Let me know in the comments below.

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