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I’m a writer and aspiring children’s author based near Glastonbury, Somerset, in the UK.

A website enhancer by day and book devourer by night, I love ethical companies of all kinds. I have recently completed Bath Spa University’s celebrated MA in Writing for Young People, which I passed with Distinction. I also work full-time for the University as Senior Web and Digital Officer.

This blog is where I go to record my ideas, discoveries and conversations with other people. I’m passionate about reducing my impact on the planet, finding mindful solutions to modern problems and writing.

The short version

I grew up in North Wales, studied Creative Writing in Bath, lived in Lancashire for a while and have now settled near Glastonbury. I channel the ghosts, fairies, witches and vampires I’ve met along the way into my stories.

The longer version

I’m a bit of a nomad. I’ve lived in a caravan, a yurt and a cabin. Home is a theme that often seeps into my writing. My characters often come from difficult, deprived or disrupted homes, but I like to balance the serious stuff with magic and humour.

A student of Bath Spa University’s MA in Writing for Young People, I also work full-time in digital marketing for the University. I’m passionate about learning, nature, and inspiring small humans to be fearless and kind – especially to themselves.

When I’m not dreaming up sarcastic teens and deadly female antagonists, I can often be found roaming the countryside with my fairy-dog, reading, reviewing plastic-free products and slurping ethical tea and coffee.

Get started


Check out the blog. Most of my posts tackle issues such as how feasible it is to go plastic-free. I share nutritious recipes and foodie ideas that make it a little easier to be earth-friendly.


Read my book reviews. Books are talismanic and we need them now perhaps more than ever. I write about magic transgressing the everyday, whether that’s vampires, vengeful gods or heroic children. I’m currently working on a middle-grade fantasy novel set in Whitby.

Free spirit?

There’s more to this world than meets the eye, and I believe we can tackle daily problems in more mindful ways. I’m open to the many possibilities presented by this magical, mysterious world. I sometimes work with holistics and creatives on a freelance basis.

Get in touch

I’d love to hear from you. You can comment on the blog, email me, or find me on Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.