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Pot of glitter seen from above, with glitter sprinkled around it

This year, I’m heading to Glastonbury Festival for the first time (eek!), and I want to make sure that my festival looks are based around conscious product choices – low waste (or plastic free), natural and cruelty free beauty products are all I want in my makeup bag.

This weekend, I had lots of fun putting together a makeup kit for Glastonbury Festival – here are the results!

Check out my review of Love the Planet’s mineral makeup products: Glow, Sparkle, and Perfecting Powder. For the record, Peach blush is glorious, too.

Replacing my makeup with low waste and plastic free alternatives has been the most fun aspect of life with less plastic so far. There are great brands out there. I’ve reviewed some, like Love the Planet Mineral Makeup, before. I also love Zao mascara – everything from the tactile bamboo exterior, to the refillable design and the long-lasting formula.

While I like nuud deodorant a lot, I also wanted to try a something in a tin, too. Lil’ Sensitive is great for my sensitive underarms (I’ve had a lot of issues with natural deodorants in the past). Its scent is subtle and woody, and it has a light, creamy texture. It also works well to stop pits smelling (ask me again when I’m camping in a field for a week 🙂 – Glastonbury might be the ultimate test!).

Natural deodorant cream in a tin

Glitter has been a problem at festivals in the past, and Glastonbury wants its traders to only bring biodegradable glitter. I like Eco Glitter Fun because they’re pretty transparent about their eco credentials and how biodegradable their glitter really is. The glitter comes in plastic free packaging, too.

Cake eyeliner in a tin

We need to talk about Fat and the Moon’s eye coal. Everything on this page falls under the category of even-better-than-its-plastic-wrapped-alternative, and this natural eyeliner is no exception. It’s everything you want in an eyeliner – easy to apply and blend, yet it doesn’t smudge or smear easily, and lasts all day. Make sure you have a decent angled brush, so that you can get the effect and line that you want.

Have you found any great zero waste beauty products lately? Or do you have a product you want me to review? Let me know!

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