Review: Love the Planet mineral makeup

Close up of the Love the Planet logo on the packaging

Sometimes finding ethical products that actually work is, well, hard work. That’s why I always share the good stuff with you when I find it.

Close up of Glow, with the Perfecting Powder in the background
Vegan Translucent Perfecting Powder and Mineral Foundation – Glow
Close up of Glow, Storm and Sparkle powders
Glow Foundation, Storm Eyeshadow and Sparkle Eyeshadow
Close up of Glow, Storm and Sparkle powders, with the product name overlaid
Glow, Storm and Sparkle powders

I’ve found zero waste mineral makeup that gives me amazing coverage with a silky-smooth finish. Oh, did I mention it’s affordable?

If I sound smug, it’s because I am. But I’m not taking the credit for this beautiful stuff – that belongs to Laura at Love the Planet.

About Love the Planet mineral makeup

  • Plastic free packaging
  • Free from palm oil and parabens
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in the UK
  • Free shipping on all UK orders

I first discovered Love the Planet at The Naked Pantry when I was Christmas shopping.

I bought the Glow foundation for me (Solstice is for giving to oneself, too) and the Sparkle eyeshadow for some of the most important women in my life. I also bought some reusable tins from Zoe at The Naked Pantry to put the makeup in.

This lovely makeup is packaged in a compostable pouch made from kraft paper, cellulose and starch. The beauty of it is that you can decant your makeup into the reusable container of your choice.

This month, I took great pleasure in washing my old plastic containers, leaving them in the sun to dry fully, and pouring my new Love the Planet makeup in.

“Love yourself, love the planet”

Laura’s ethos is incredibly close to my own heart; I believe (and I know from experience) that self-care must happen in tandem with caring for the planet.

When I first started trying to cut down on unnecessary packaging waste, I was incredibly enthusiastic. I wanted to try every type of product, completely change my diet, and transform my life overnight. Guess how well that went?

One thing that suffered was my beauty regime. I stopped buying my favourite mineral makeup brand and hoped I would find something just as good – in better packaging.

I’ve experimented with many different natural deodorants, toothpastes and shampoo bars. My search for a zero waste makeup brand was – for once – not so difficult.

Mini review: Glow

I love this stuff. I’m used to using premium mineral makeup, so Glow had some stiff competition from my favourite brand (which comes in plastic). It covers beautifully, and can be built up to my desired level of coverage.

Review: Perfecting Powder

I’m so glad I tried this. It’s sheer and slightly iridescent, with a silky texture. I’ve been using it around my eyes to disguise fine lines and dark circles. It doesn’t cling to the lines or draw attention to them.

Review: Storm

Storm can be subtle or dramatic, depending on whether you apply it with a wet or dry brush. It really well, and is a soft, grey-green colour.

Review: Sparkle

This shadow is incredibly sparkly – as the name suggests! It’s almost a glitter effect, so I’ve earmarked it for my summer festival looks for 2019.

Bonus: tips for mineral makeup application

My friend Jody from Jody’s Haven says that because of the way mineral foundation interacts with the fine hairs on your face, you should use downward strokes with your brush to apply it, for best coverage.

Laura says:

“You can apply eyeshadow with a wet brush to line your eyes.”

Perfect for Love the Planet’s Storm eyeshadow!

Mineral makeup blends really well – so why not try mixing colours for different effects?

Close up of the perfecting powder - pictured in a reused makeup compact
Perfecting powder
Mineral foundation in a silver tin

Have you tried Love the Planet? What are some of your natural makeup looks? Let me know in the comments below!

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