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It’s a game changer.

Update: 17 April 2019 – it has been pointed out to me that Nuud’s tubes, while they’re not petroleum-based, are still plastic. The sugarcane packaging is 100% recyclable, which is great, but I know none of us is trying to recycle our way out of this plastic crisis. Because it’s marketed as sugarcane, not plastic, I assumed the tube would be biodegradable. That’s on me – I should have done more research. My husband is using Earth Conscious deodorant at the moment; it works well (he’s a gardener, so he really puts it to the test with his physical job!) and comes in a cardboard tube. Unfortunately, I’m super sensitive to baking soda, which rules out a lot of great brands for me. I’m now using Fat and the Moon’s Sensitive Pit Cream and I love it!

I’ve tried making the switch to natural deodorant. So. Many. Times.

Some people make a seamless switch from conventional deodorant (which is loaded with questionable ingredients).

Others (me) end up scrubbing their armpits into an irritable mess, trying to smell nice for more than half an hour, and eventually switch back to chemical deodorants.

That’s why I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve finally found a solution – and it comes neatly packaged in a sugar cane tube and a biodegradable cardboard box.

Why bother to switch to natural deodorant?

I’m not a doctor or a chemist. But to me, smearing synthetics on my underarms has never made sense.

I already use natural shampoo, makeup and household cleaners. So why would I put a harsh, pore-blocking deodorant on such an important part of my body?

On the other hand, I don’t want to smell.

Does Nuud natural deodorant work?

Yes! Here’s my take on it.

It was with a sense of resignation that I embarked, once again, on the pit-product-switch.

Over the last six months, I’ve tried it all. I tried salt-based deodorants (again). I tried roll-ons (again). I tried beautiful balms that smell great, but for some reason, give me a rash.

I was smelly. I felt sticky. At times, I was bumpy. I was washing my underarms more than once a day.

I switched back to my standard brand, temporarily defeated.

I had some success with Salt of the Earth Spray deodorant, which does come in plastic but offers a refill option.

Then I found Nuud.

I was cautiously optimistic about its ‘no worries’ formula, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It works really, really well. I don’t have an underarm smell at all, and although the product is designed to let you sweat naturally, I haven’t felt sticky.

It’s a little bit like not having underarms

After obsessing over my underarms for so long, it’s nice not to think about them much at all now.

I’ve been using Nuud for just over 3 weeks. My pits feel drier than they did with the natural roll-ons and sprays, and I don’t really smell of anything. It’s like not having pits at all. And I kinda love it 🙂

Even after a just few days of using Nuud natural deodorant, the effectiveness increased and my underarms were fresh, even after exercise or a hectic day.

Here’s what I’ve done to test Nuud:

  1. Beastly workout courtesy of Claire at Fire Lotus Fitness (seriously, my thighs hurt for days).
  2. Danced for hours to Mad Dog McRea in a room crammed with their superfans (we all had a lovely time).
  3. Scary work meeting.
  4. Usual life stuff like going to work, cleaning the house and walking the dog up Dundon Beacon on a warm spring day.
  5. Deliberately not reapplied it on one of the days, but instead left my armpits nude (see what I did there?).
  6. Made my friends and my husband sniff my underarms. Like, really close.

Would I recommend switching to Nuud natural deodorant?

Definitely! I’ve been looking for something this good for years, and I have no intention of going back to chemical alternatives.

How do you apply it?

Just squeeze a small blob out onto your fingertips, and rub over your underarms. Application is really simple, and I haven’t noticed any white marks on my clothes.

Tips for switching

If you’re new to natural deodorant, be prepared for a few things:

  1. Your underarms are likely to get worse before they get better
  2. Your new deodorant will be more expensive
  3. Application won’t be what you’re used to

When I first made the switch, my friend Katy from Wild Rose Holistics advised me to:

  • Go without any deodorant as often as possible
  • Give my underarms a good rub to get things moving
  • Take occasional breaks from shaving.

I did all these things, but they still got worse before they got better. If I’d found Nuud sooner, I think the whole process would have been a lot easier.

Is Nuud natural deodorant more expensive?

Naturals do tend to be more expensive, which makes sense. They’re produced with better ingredients and more sustainable packaging – on a small scale. As you’d expect, there’s no comparison on the price of something from the supermarket or the chemist.

A starter pack is £12.95 including shipping, and lasts 6-7 weeks on average. Because of my history of failure with natural deodorant, I’m using Nuud every day after showering, which means my tube may run out more quickly. Still, I predict that the tube will last me at least 5 weeks
– I’m on week 3 already and still have plenty left.

Because of Nuud, I’ve pretty much forgotten that I have armpits. Far from stressing about whether I smell – all day, every day – I really do feel carefree about my underarms. That, to me, is priceless.

Nuud boasts sustainable production and CO2 neutral distribution, plus it comes in a plastic free sugar cane tube and a biodegradable cardboard box.

Have you used Nuud, or found something else that works for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Featured image by Austin Guevara from Pexels

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