Ritual bathing to cleanse the chakras

Pale purple, pink and blue crystals

This post definitely falls under the category of Stuff I’ve Tried Off the Internet.

A friend sent me this MindBodyGreen post on ritual bathing and I decided to give it a try.

I took the author’s advice and focused on one specific chakra at a time, using the handy guides to quickly decide which of my chakras needed the most work.

I did three ritual baths in a week, focusing on my root chakra, solar plexus and crown. The guides for these chakras basically described how I was feeling a couple of weeks ago. Low self-esteem? Check. Fearful? Judgemental? Check. Constantly exhausted? Check. (Looking back, it can’t have been a good week!)

Surprisingly, these baths did a lot for my sense of wellbeing.

Because I’m me, I free-styled a little bit. Rather than waiting until I had sourced everything I needed, I just used what I had:

Bath #1 – Root chakra

I happened to have vetiver and cedar wood oil, so I added a few drops of these, along with a ruby tumble stone and black tourmaline, plus some sea salt, to the bath water. I was probably breaking a ton of rules about which crystals you should get wet and how many drops of essential oil you should add to a bath. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

Because colour is important to chakra work, I lightly coloured the bath water with some organic beetroot peel before scooping it out. It was lovely to have a slightly red-tinged bath (perfect for base chakra work), without fearing that it might stain the tub. This was my most successful bath – I felt pretty good after it.

Bath #2 – Solar Plexus

I didn’t dare try my bathwater colouring trick again with something like turmeric, so I dug out bright yellow towels for this one, and tipped in some ginger and geranium oils, salt and a lump of pyrite. This bath also seemed to work wonders.

Bath #3 – Crown

I had hardly anything suitable for this bath, and unsurprisingly, it seemed to make the least impact on my overall wellbeing. I slapped a massive chunk of amethyst, along with salt and some lavender oil (the best substitute I could think of for the essential oils listed) into the bathwater.


I would definitely like to try this again, maybe starting with a better attempt at balancing my crown chakra, before moving on to some other ‘problem’ areas. It’s a really great way to make baths more interesting and meaningful.

Note: some minerals and precious stones are either not safe to stick in your bathwater, or can be damaged by water. According to this list of toxic crystals and stones (how beautiful is this website, by the way?) I was having a long soak with some aluminium and sulphur. Who knew? So consult an expert before bathing with crystals (and essential oils), if you’re worried.

Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash

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